To help you get the best out of your job share experience we can provide an onboarding service where we help the employer and job share employees settle in by working out a strategy for success. This can be particularly helpful if one or more of the parties is new to job share and is a lot more cost-effective than having an employee leave because it is not working out! There is information and advice on our website to assist, but for further assistance, please email us for more details.

Through our parent company About Talent Group, we offer team assessments and skills reviews, to help you work out where the gaps are and what the best team configuration for you might be. We can also help you with targeted search to complement your recruitment campaigns.

If you are currently unemployed and actively job hunting, join our Executive Club at About Success! Perhaps you are looking for a change of career, or approaching retirement; or a mother who wants to return to a corporate career or set up your own business. About Success helps you make the most of your experience by providing you with different options and the support you need while you work out what you'd like to do next.